SpectrumView and SpectrumView + release V2.2 

As SpectrumView approaches 400,000 downloads, we continue to be intrigued and amazed by the diverse applications our users have found for this real-time frequency analyser app, such as detecting ultrasonic high frequency noises, school physics experiments, detecting bats, recording wildlife and birdsong, to mention just a few.

We have had some great feedback and many feature requests which have been prioritised and we are pleased to roll out with the release of SpectrumView V2.2.

This version is fully compatible with iOS11 and includes the following new features;

  • Data-snapshot capability – ability to save the spectrogram or spectrum analyser data you are exporting and view this in Excel, Matlab, or any other software that supports CSV formatted files.
  • Over the air downloads – ability to download recordings, data snapshots and images from SpectrumView to other devices using a web-interface over WiFi
  • Simultaneous Playback and visualisation – ability to play, pause and scrub through recordings while viewing the spectrograms
  • Share files with other apps – share your SpectrumView recordings with other apps on your device such as ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Facebook Messenger’ etc or ‘Airdrop’ them to your friends.

You’ll be pleased to know that the most used and favourite features from SpectrumView 2.0 are still available and have been enhanced further. These include;

  • Saving location info of the recording – Never forget where a clip was recorded
  • Allow Peak hold – Enables you to freeze and hold the peaks of the frequency envelope (three holds in three colours) in Spectrum Analyser mode
  • Logarithmic scale – Enables toggling between logarithmic and linear scale modes in Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyser view
  • Auto lock disabled during playback and recordings – Prevents the device from automatically locking (if enabled), for uninterrupted recording/playback
  • Open from other applications – Allows audio clips to be opened in SpectrumView from other applications (e.g. Mail, Facebook, and iCloud Drive)
  • In-App Purchases – Only purchase the features you need from SpectrumView Free