Commercial and Academic Partnerships


Academic and Commercial Partnerships

Academic Partnerships

Purdue University, International Center for Biometric Research (ICBR) (USA)

We have been invited to the advisory board of the International Center for Biometric Research (ICBR) at Purdue University which is led by Prof Steve Elliott and Kevin O Connor.  We have previously worked with them on extending the capabilities of our biometric performance metrics tool, BioMetrics to handle large datasets.

University of York (UK)

OWR is proud to be known as ‘Teaching and Research Affiliates‘ of the Language and Linguistic Science Department, University of York and affiliates of the Forensic Speech Science group at the university.

University of Cambridge (UK)

We enjoy a close relationship with the Phonetics Laboratory, Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, at Cambridge and in particular have benefited from the DyViS database of accent-matched speakers created there.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) (Switzerland)

EPFL is our research director’s alma-mater, and we are proud to collaborate with the Speech Processing and Biometrics group, led by Dr Andrzej Drygajlo.

University of Zurich (Switzerland)

We are pleased to be working with various academics from the the University of Zurich, including members of the Centre for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (CFPA), providing training and collaborating on research.

Commercial Partners

Acon Digital (Norway)

OWR has partnered with Acon Digital who are the developers of the audio editing software ‘Acoustica‘.

Acon Digital is the digital media editing product line from the company Acon AS, a company specialised in audio editing software and digital signal processing products and services.

Digital Audio Corporation (United States)

DAC is a world leader in forensic audio solutions and a trusted provider of audio enhancement solutions to law enforcement and government agencies. We have partnered with DAC in developing solutions to easily remove music, television or other background noises from recordings using time-aligned audio and reference cancellation approaches (see our AES (Audio Engineering Society) 2012 paper for details).

National Physical Laboratory (UK)

OWR is delighted to work with the National Physical Laboratory, the largest applied physics organisation in the UK and UK’s National Measurement Institute, on problems of audio processing, audio time-line matching, speaker recognition and biometric testing. (Germany)

OWR worked with Dr Marianne Jessen from (English version:, who initiated and contributed to development of  VOCALISE – Voice Comparison and Analysis of the Likelihood of Speech Evidence.

Patternlab (Switzerland)

PatternLab is a research and development company offering services in the field of information engineering, and specialise in the applications of signal processing and pattern recognition/data mining techniques to hard real-world problems.