Record and playback using your iPhone and Apple Watch, simultaneously or separately.

Use your Apple Watch as a remote control to start a recording on your iPhone, use your iPhone to start your Apple Watch recording, or even start them both recording at the same time for two recordings from two separate perspectives.

You could record two instruments – one from your iPhone microphone, and one from your Apple Watch microphone. Or record both sides of an interview, the interviewer having the Apple Watch, and the interviewee having the iPhone.

The uses for Watch Me Record are endless.



  • Easy recording and playback from iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Play back the recordings on your phone from your Apple Watch
  • Automatic transcription of recordings
  • Share recordings using messages, email and more
  • (In-App Purchase) Share transcriptions using messages, email, and more
  • (In-App Purchase) Play back, download, and manage your recordings over wifi
  • Start recordings using your iPhone from your Apple Watch (even when the app is closed and your iPhone is locked)
  • Start recording from both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time with a single button press
  • Rename recordings easily from both your iPhone and Apple Watch (try scribble or dictation on the Apple Watch)
applewatch playback

Playing back recordings on your iPhone will cause them to be automatically transcribed (if they contain speech) and the transcription will be displayed in the playback window. Recordings are stored on the iPhone, but can also be accessed and played back on the Apple Watch – including the ability to delete and rename recordings.

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