On our team, we have experienced staff with extensive knowledge of automatic speaker recognition, forensic linguistics, voice biometrics and other relevant areas, many of whom hold advanced degrees. We keep ourselves abreast with the cutting edge of the field, through in-house R&D and collaborations with high-ranking universities, ensuring that our consultancy services make use of the latest advancements and deliver the best results for your project. We have worked with a variety of high-profile organisations to offer advise and support tailored to each unique circumstance. Information on the consultancy process and examples of our previous projects and partnerships can be found on our Consultancy page.

Product Development (Bespoke R&D)

We have years of experience, confidentially performing R&D, advanced prototype creation, feasibility studies for government as well as private companies. We can create production ready software prototypes and work with you on design and testing your products. Some of the (non-confidential) results of our research and development work is available on our Publications page. We have developed software related to speech and speaker recognition, forensic automatic speaker recognition, audio processing and pattern recognition for Windows PCs and for cloud-based operation. We have also developed iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) and Android apps for audio processing and for voice quality analysis. Please visit our Product List page to see our existing range of products.


We offer thorough and informative training courses, both online and offline, to help you to make the most of the powerful tool that we offer. Our staff are have extensive knowledge about our products, and have a large amount of experience imparting this expertise to both beginner and advanced users. The feedback from our training course has been overwhelmingly positive, but we still continue to refine the process to offer the best possible support to you, our customers. Further details on the training programmes offered can be found on our Training page.

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