‘SMART Subtract’ – New Product Announcement!


We are proud to release an innovative new audio enhancement product called ‘SMART Subtract’ that can be used to easily reduce or remove interfering music, television or even speech from recordings using reference recordings of these interferences. This product combines the capabilities of three leading audio processing companies namely Salient Sciences (previously Digital Audio Corporation),  Acon Digital (creators of Acoustica) and Oxford Wave Research.

The SMARTSubtract Software can be used to quickly and easily subtract music, television or speech from an audio recording if you have a reference song, TV show, or speech recording that you want to remove from the recording and preserves the underlying speech, making it more intelligible.

SMARTSubtract  uses  MADCAT(TM) audio fingerprinting technology from Oxford Wave Research to precisely align the file with the interfering noise in it, and the reference audio file containing the interfering sounds. It then performs high quality ‘reference cancellation’ using one of the two powerful VST plugins supplied by leading audio processing software companies.  The resulting file can be easily export into WAV format.

For more information please contact us – sales@oxfordwaveresearch.com

Or visit the webpage http://oxfordwaveresearch.com/products/smartsubtract/

'We're delighted that our time-domain Reference Canceller filter that is part of the CARDINAL MiniLab Suite can now be used within SMARTSubtract, making use of MADCAT's audio alignment technology to provide a practical reference noise cancellation tool for our audio and video forensics users.'

Donald Tunstall, General Manager, Salient Sciences

'The Acon Digital Reference Canceller combined with SmartSubtract's audio synchronisation capabilities allows for high quality frequency domain reference cancellation of interfering noises that is both powerful easy to use.'

Stian Aagedal, CEO, Acon Digital