WatchMeRecord : Simultaneous or separate audio recording for your iPhone and Apple Watch


Quick simultaneous or separate audio recordings on your iPhone and Apple Watch


WatchMeRecord on the Apple Watch

WatchMeRecord allows you to quickly making audio recordings either using your watch or your phone to start the recording. Recordings can be triggered independently or simultaneously on both devices allowing you to record two events at the same time.

You can discreetly use an Apple Watch as a remote control to start a recording on your iPhone, or equally use your iPhone to start your Apple Watch recording. You can even start them both recording at the same time for two recordings from two separate perspectives.

For instance, your phone could be recording the vocals of your recording session, and your watch could be recording the instrument(s).



– Recording and playback capability from Apple Watch and iPhone.
– Ability to record from both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time with a single button press
– Playback recordings stored only on your iPhone through the watch.
– Powerful, high-quality transcription of the recordings (in English)
– Easily shareable recordings using messages, email and more
– Shareable transcriptions using messages, email, and more (requires in-app purchase)
РPlayback, download, and manage your recordings from a web interface on your computer or another mobile device (requires in-app purchase)
– Ability to start recordings using your iPhone microphone from your Apple Watch, even when the app is closed and your iPhone is locked.
– Rename recordings from both your iPhone and Apple Watch (Watch uses scribble or dictation functionality)
– Full user tutorial on app start-up


Simply tap the big red button to start recordings on your watch
Triggering a recording
Simply toggle the switch to choose to record on the watch, phone or both.
Record or Playback from the iPhone screen
Easily play back recordings on the watch or
on the phone from your watch
Playing back a file with speech in it automatically displays the transcript of that speech.
Force Touch (hard press watch screen) in Playback mode to get the different functionality like delete and rename.
Force touch to peek at the files recorded (on supported devices)