Vehicle Vibration Analysis using SmoothRide – a mobile app that analyses your car’s wheel balance and braking smoothness

We worked with Pro-Cut, a leading on-car brake lathe manufacturer in the USA, to develop (in their own words) ‘the coolest app for wheel and brake service you will ever see’. SmoothRide uses the accelerometer in the iPhone to analyse the vibrations of your car to determine whether the wheels were balanced or whether the brakes were warped.

We are proud to have worked with Pro-Cut on the analysis algorithms and the app and are excited to see SmoothRide launched in the US Apple app-store.


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'Oxford Wave Research were exceptionally great to work with. We posed them a challenge that was very different from their focus in audio pattern recognition. Despite this they immediately grasped what we were looking for and set to developing and adapting their algorithms and tweaking their code to work for our challenge in vehicle vibrations. Development was very cooperative and simple. The ongoing challenges of our project were identified and faced and overcome without drama or cost adds- the entire process was extremely collaborative.'

Jeff Hastings, president of Pro-Cut International

Airbus Noise Profiling

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We were invited by Airbus Operations based in Bristol, United Kingdom, to assist with noise profiling of parts of the Airbus Fleet. In addition to other pieces of software, they also used SpectrumView Pro, our audio spectrum analyser iOS application on an iPod touch. This provided the benefit of real-time visual feedback of the acoustics in an easy to carry mobile device. We were able to assist them in identifying certain sounds and frequencies and suggesting ways of analysing these sounds further.


“Anil and Oscar from Oxford Wave Research supported us brilliantly during our testing. Their technical insights were very useful in our diagnostic activities. The app was also very user friendly and provided us with clear, instant feedback during the tests.”

Ian Thomas, Systems and Equipment Specialist at Airbus Operations Ltd