MADCAT is an innovative content search, deduplication and time synchronisation system for audio and video files.  It is based on the principle that if two or more different recordings contain the same acoustic events, it is possible to search for and identify the parts of the audio that are overlapping and to provide a precise time of match.

It works on:

Mobile phone footage ¦ Body-worn cameras ¦ Recordings from YouTube ¦ Personal/Pro footage ¦ GoPro Recordings ¦ Audio recordings


MADCAT can help you search for specific content through hours of audio and video files, find duplicates in your audio or video recordings using deep comparison of the files, precise time synchronisation of independent recordings (e.g. different cameras and recorders). It can group recordings taken at a certain location and time from many recordings of an event.


  • is robust to noisy conditions and poor quality
  • can look for the same event across compressed, transcoded, and poor quality audio
  • can time-synchronise based on one side of a recording (e.g. a phone call or radio transmission)
  • requires only short overlapping content for matching

MADCAT Features 

  • Comparing media files on the basis of their audio content (as opposed to simpler and more commonly used bit-wise comparisons of files)
  • For independently recorded audio or video, MADCAT will provide an easy means of time-synchronizing recordings running on independent devices that have no common clock
  • Finding where different files have recorded the same event (e.g. file A has the same content at 3mins 20.1 secs as file B has at 1hrs 33 mins 37.01 secs)
  • Can compare across many different file formats like mp3, wav, wmv, mov, mp4, etc.
  • Precise time-synchronization of independent recordings
  • Identifying duplicates of audio or video content within files or directories 
  • Exporting results easily into Adobe Premiere or Adobe Audition
Madcat Workflow

The above slideshow demonstrates an example workflow with MadCat and using its features, along with a sample video of the result of a MadCat synchronisation.

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March 2015: MADCAT was selected as a finalist in the   Security Innovation Award 2015 at the Security and Policing Event, Home Office (UK) 

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