Audio Enhancement

Audio Enhancement

Audio Enhancement
    • Oxford Wave Research provides expert audio enhancement performed by trained audio specialists, with many years of experience in providing audio analysis for law enforcement
    • Audio processing focused on intelligibility
    • Our specialists are signal processing experts, and have in-depth knowledge of developing audio filters and audio processing
    • We provide free initial consultations and enhanced appraisals. Processing reports are available for all specialist work


Audio Enhancement – Before and After
Enhanced Appraisal

This provides the client with an enhanced 30sec-1min section of the audio data, so that the extent of possible improvement can be assessed before commissioning the enhancement work.A mini-report on the problems with the recording, suggested processing approach and the estimated number of hours of Specialist Audio Enhancement it will require is provided.

Processing Fees: £125 flat rate (ex VAT)


Specialist Audio Enhancement

This provides the client with a CD or DVD of the enhanced audio recording along with a processing report. Audio intelligibility enhancement algorithms and processing methods are applied to the recording.Interfering background noises are reduced and the speech is brought to the forefront.

Processing Fees: £100 per hour (ex VAT)


Report and Secure Delivery of  Final Product

A report of the enhancement signed by the specialist , and a CD or DVD containing the enhanced material will be made available for hand pickup or courier. Electronic transfer through encrypted or secure e-mail available on request.

Free electronic delivery or pickup; shipping costs if applicable


Audio Duplication and Format Conversions

Routine audio processing tasks such as duplication, format rate conversion and basic processing can be performed on request.

Processing Fees: £45 per hour (ex VAT)